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About Us

peachesRalph Larsen has been farming the same ground in Bountiful, Utah, since his parents moved there in 1938. Except for a couple of years during the Korean War, Ralph has been around for every planting and every harvest. He planted every tree in the small orchard, all the grape vines that line the fences and arbor and he has planted just about every vegetable that grows in Utah at one time or another during his life.

Shirley Larsen manages the list of annual customers for peaches, pears and apples. She also takes orders for canning quantities of tomatoes, green beans and other vegetables

Kari Cutler and Jack Wilbur live in Salt Lake City, but spend time helping at the farm in Bountiful. They also grow intensively in small backyard settings in SLC. Along with growing a large variety of flowers and ornamental plants for personal enjoyment, Kari specializes in growing herbs such as sweet basil, thyme, oregano, sage, mint, burnett, and tarragon. She has also been growing heirloom tomatoes, peppers, squash and other summer crops for personal use for several years. Jack increased production in 2009 at home and in Bountiful of heirloom tomatoes to commercial levels large enough to supply 1-2 farmers markets a week.

To supplement production in Bountiful, we lease two fields, one small orchard and four residential yards in Salt Lake County.