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Buying from 3 Squares Produce

Farmers Markets

We prefer smaller community markets over the large Downtown Farmers market. So look for us to return to Sugar House on Fridays and Wheeler Farm on Sundays. We are considering whether to attend a Saturday market at the height of harvest later in August and September. If we do, it will probably be Gardener Village, in Midvale.

CSA for 2017

Visit our CSA page for all the details.

Larger Quantity Purchases (canning/preserving)

Based on availability, we do offer canning quantities of peaches, apples, tomatoes, green beans and other produce. Please call Jack directly to inquire further: 801-243-2801.

Directly from our Bountiful Orchard location

While we do not have a formal farm stand at the old family homestead in Bountiful, we do sometimes sell some of the fruit and vegetables we grow there, as well as corn and other vegetables we grow off site at other fields we lease. We have old fashioned wood signs we hang off a post out on Orchard Drive, indicating when we have something for sale. If you see our shingle out, stop in. We are at 1625 South Orchard Drive (the northeast corner of Orchard Drive and 1650 S. St.). You can also call Jack: 801-243-2801.