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3 Squares Produce CSA Program

2019 Harvest Share (CSA) Program

We are now accepting registrations for the 2019 CSA Harvest Share season. 

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We will do a four (4) week spring season for 2019 starting May 8 or 11 depending on your pick up day. The summer season will start the week following the end of the spring season. We only offer one share size for our spring harvest share program.

Spring shares will mostly include head lettuce or mixed salad greens, spinach, arugula, mizuna, and radishes. Items that may or may not be ready by the end of the spring season include Bok choy, kale, peas and Swiss chard. 

Spring share = $50.00


The summer season will run 18 weeks. Full shares are usually 2x the size of half shares. But sometimes there are items in the full shares that are not in the half shares because we didn't have enough. One item that comes to mind from 2017 is garlic scapes. We planted more hardneck garlic (the plant that produces garlic scapes) so hopefully there will be enough for all. Summer season begins June 5 or June 8 depending on pick up day. The last week of the summer season is the first week of Oct. (Oct. 2 or 5, depending on pick up day, Wednesday or Saturday)

Summer 1/2 share = $200.00

Summer Full share = $400.00


Our fall season again will be a four week season running October 9 or 12 to Oct. 30 or Nov. 2

Fall share = $50.00


We are offering eggs again from Clifford Farms in Provo, Utah. Spring season eggs are one dozen per week. For the summer season, you may buy the 9-week option and pick up eggs every other week, or the 18 week option and pick up eggs weekly. You pick up eggs at the same time and location you pick up your produce share.

Spring 4 week egg share = $16.00

Summer 9 week egg share = $36.00
Summer 18 week egg share = $72.00

Fall egg share = $16.00

Pick up Locations:

Our pick up locations are self serve from outside private homes. Shares will be staged outside. They will be prepackaged for you. Items that need to be cool will be in plastic grocery bags in coolers. Items that don't need to be cold will be in boxes. Some weeks you will have only a bag or a box, and other weeks you will have both. I try to send an email at least a day or two before your pick up day with those kind of details each week.

Shareholders must pick one primary location and day for their weekly pick up. Alternate arrangements for specific weeks and change of permanent day or location mid-season will be entertained on a case by case basis.

We are planning on four pickup locations for 2019:

  • Bountiful--Saturday, 9:00 am to sunset (Address: 1625 S. Orchard Drive)
  • Murray--Wednesday, 3:00 pm to dark (Address: 5467 S. Kenwood Drive)
  • Salt Lake City--Wednesday, 3:00 pm to dark; or Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (choose one) (Address: 623 E. 1790 S.)

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Snapshot of What a Weekly Share may contain--various times of year

Late spring: Some or all of the following: Bagged mixed salad greens, Head of lettuce, bag of spinach, bag of arugula, bag of mizuna, radishes (1-2 bunches), Swiss chard or kale (one large bunch/bag), one bunch of green onions, one bunch or bag of herbs (chives, oregano, mint, or sage).
Early summer: Some items are available 1 or 2 weeks. Not all items are available at the same time: Peas (English or snap), Cherries (1-2 lbs.), which are only available one or two weeks most years, plus any of the spring offerings still in season and available (it depends how hot it gets early in the season), plus zucchini and cucumbers (1-4 each) as soon as they are available. Corn (4-6 ears) will probably one week at the end of July. Some years we have red tomatoes (1-2 lbs.) available before the end of July.
Mid-summer (August)Some of the following will be included more often than other items: Zucchini, Cucumbers, Corn (not every week), Tomatoes, Heirloom Cherry tomatoes (8oz cup) (periodically), Beets (1-2 bunches), cantaloupe or other melon (1-2 melons) (once or twice), Peaches (starting mid-August, 1-2 lbs.), Eggplant (1-2), green beans (1/2 - 1 lb.), garlic. 
Late summer (September)Not every item will be available every week: Cucumbers, corn (once or twice), tomatoes, heirloom cherry tomatoes (periodically), Heirloom full size tomatoes (1-2 lbs.)(as available), peaches (ending mid-Sept most years), eggplants, apples (2-4 lbs.), green beans, carrots, potatoes (1-2 lbs.), onions, garlic.
Autumn (Late September/October): Apples, tomatoes (until frost or season end), Heirloom tomatoes (until frost or season end), eggplant (until frost or season end), beets, bag of lettuce, bag of arugula, bag or bunch of spinach, radishes, carrots, onions, garlic, winter squash (spaghetti, butternut, acorn, etc. several total.), pumpkins (1-2)